Sunday, October 12, 2008

I recently found one of the greatest VHS tapes known to man. Right before we made the move from Boston to Brooklyn (yeah I know, good choice!),  I went through our movies to see what we no longer need to own, like Problem Child 2, and what needed to come along, like the complete first season of 90210: the original,  not this shit they have on tv today. I came across one of many VHS's without labels.  The first few that I popped in the VCR were some random specials that I had to tape to watch for classes in college; not very thrilling.  Then I picked up the tape that would  unexpectedly keep me entertained for like twelve hours (but really till this present day).
This tape looked very familiar. It was on the dark blue side and was super heavy, as if it were the very first VHS ever made. On the part of the tape that flips up in the front, there was a piece slightly cracked on the right. I know this tape! This is the Sound of Music tape from when I was, I don't know, 6. Although I am excited because I love The Sound of Music, this tape is way more that just The Sound of Music. This is tape beholds the greatest commercials and surprises I could only wish for.
The Sound of Music begins and I notice it is the Saturday Night Movie on ABC. FAN-tastic.  As the Von Trapp father learned how to love his kids again and Frauline Maria skipped along with her guitar, I was for once, awaiting the next commercial break. Ahh, here it comes! AT&T. Yeah, it doesn't sound that interesting but it really is. Just to think that this is a commercial trying to "connect" people because people care. Right. These were the commercials that had Mom receiving a call from her daughter on her... hung on the wall, light blue, home phone (obviously there was nothing else) while twirling the short phone cord (you can purchase long phone cords at JC Penney's) through her fingers. 
There are numerous phone commercials and many more having to deal with Christmas sales and catering for the holidays.  Then comes the kicker. The Mc Donald's commercial. The girl gets up to play the piano while her parents are in the audience and her "kid brother" is making faces at her.  She plays the Mc Donald's song, way before the "I'm Lovin' It" bullshit.  She changes the lyrics in her head which we, the audience can hear.  She sings about how she can't wait to finish playing the piano and get to Mc Donald's, which her parents have told her she gets to go when she's done; Think Mc Donald's. When she messes up on a note while thinking about getting her cheeseburger and milkshake, she is quick to blame her kid brother for having to share her fries (in her head).  
Just wait, there are so many more ridiculous, yet amazing shows/movies (amazing treats) occupied the next six hours of the mysterious tape from the 80's...
   which segue into the early 90's.

Please watch and understand how old this tape REALLY is:

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hrgreen said...

hey, have your boyfriend post the commercial to YOUTUBE... LOL