Monday, October 13, 2008

So I left you wondering what else was on this magnificent VHS tape. By the way, it's so annoying having to refer them as VHS tapes. I miss the days when you just said "tape" and everyone knew what you meant. Anyway, before I drift off into all of the things that grind my gears, thank you Peter Griffin, I will get back to the next wonderful surprise. This next bit is what kept the boyfriend intrigued. The credits for The Sound of Music are cut off by the Fly Girls busting a move on the-made to look like a roof top in the city in the early 90's- set of In Living Color.
Freaking amazing. Now this is good Sunday afternoon of tv/tape wathcing. We watched and laughed every minute in hopes that the entire episode was taped, which luckily it was. From Jim Carrey pumping you up as workout guru, Vera De Milo to Damon Wayans telling you that Homie Don't Play That, we were not in hurry for a commercial break. Good thing we were so into the show because whichever member of my family (I believe it was my dad) taped this, sat with the remote in hand, ready to press stop record when the Fly Girls resurfaced to entertain the live audience during commercial break. Although Fire Marshall Bill did not grace us with his presence, neither did the hiteous Kim Wayans, so I guess it was a fair trade. The show ended and we thought there there couldn't possibly be any room left on this TAPE for anything but a commercial. But we were was so wrong.
I see Jo. I see Blair. I see Tootie. And the other one, But no Ms Garret. However Delores Leachman has taken the whole Facts of Life crew to Australia. Yup, not just the show. It's a movie! All the girls are in college or just graduated from college and mind you, this takes place super early in the 90's, so the hairdo's and shoulder pads are bigger than ever. In The Facts of Life: Down Under Jo, still trying to convince everyone that she fancies men, has teamed up with Blair, her old arch nemesis. The two have to get to Natalie's (the other one) backpack because some mystery man had slipped something illegal and of great value into it without her knowledge.
Meanwhile, Tootie is falling for one of the only american-black men in Australia to whom she belives is a native. He is not, He is sooooo american. Silly Tootie. Natalie, believe it or not, has a guy interested in her while she is in the Outback. Obviously this man has had enough of giving it to the lonely kangeroos and decides to step it up a notch to Natalie who slightly resembles a woman. Delores is getting her groove back with some dish she used to bang back in the day. It all ends happily and so I am about to fall asleep as I believe this day couuld get no better because the tape has to be over! Then...
I see the back of this rugged, shirtless man in a barn and think what the hell is this? He turns around, It is Holden Snyder from As the World Turns. I snuggle up to this wonderful 1992 episode and watch what turns out to be the end of this glorious tape. Life really doesn't get much cozier than this.

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